Annual ASRC Shooting and Archery Competition - 27th September 2020



The 2020 competition has been cancelled. Further guidance will be issued in due course about 26th September 2021.


The Results from the 2019 Competition can be found here.

Photos from previous years Competition can be found here

2019 A3 .pdf Poster - link

2019 A4 .pdf Poster - link

2019 A5 .pdf Poster - link


The potential 2021 Competition Details -

Main Competitions @ £13.00: -

  • AGB Archery Competition
  • 10M Sporter Air Rifle
  • Field Target course
  • Knockout
  • 3P - (three Position)
  • 10M Air Pistol
  • AGB "Open Competition"
  • Cross Bow "have-a-go" detail (see further information below)
  • Optional Competition: Clay Pigeon @ £9.00: -

Group Categories: - Junior Scout (aged under 12 on 28/9/19); Scout; Explorer; Network/Adult

Entry fee includes a Free Bacon (or Egg) Butty on arrival.

Low priced food, drinks and vegetarian option available during the competition.


Location: - Cleve Hill Camp Site - Bath

Map ref: - TBC

Time: - 0800 hrs (Registration) to 1700 hrs (Presentations)

NB - Closing Date for Entries: - to arrive at below address by 22nd September 2019 (no entries on the day of the event will be permitted, other than for additional clay pigeon shooting)

On completion of sign up, payment should be made through "Paypal" and the form should be printed and returned to: - Andrew Wilding, St Julians Farm, Shoscombe Vale, Bath, BA2 8NE
If unable to use paypal, only Scout Group Cheques will be accepted (no personal accounts) and should be made payable to: - Avon Scout Rifle Club



Both competitions are aimed at providing a fun and competitive event between Scouts of all ages. It is open to all Scouts, who have some previous experience of handling and shooting safely an air pistol, air rifle and an archery bow. Qualified NSRA or AGB officers will supervise all the above activities.

Air rifles, pistols and bows and crossbows will be supplied for the main competitions. NO PERSONAL GUNS OR BOWS OR CROSSBOWS are to be brought to the competition (with the exception of a personal Bow (and associated equipment) for the Open Archery Competition). Specialist shooting equipment such as slings, shooting glass, shooting jackets will not be allowed other than a blinder and glove.

Field Target :- A variety of hit or miss scoring targets, set out in an obstacle range and shot in the standing kneeling and prone position. There will be limited facility for sight checking.

Pistol:- Shot in the standing position one handed (junior scouts may use two hands) 2 targets - 5 shots per target.

3P:- Three Position Shooting; referred to as 3P is shooting in the prone, kneeling and standing positions.

Clay Pigeon: - Back by popular request, Clay Pigeon Shooting is being offered again as an option. It will consist of five cartridges each at three different traps making 15 shoots at clays in total. Scouts booking this event will need to ensure that they are able handle a shotgun. If in the opinion of the range officer they are unable to handle the gun safely; they will not be allowed to shoot on safety grounds.

Archery: - The competition will consists of 24 arrows; 12 flights at 20 metres and 12 flights at 10 metres distance, in rounds of six arrows. Scoring will be by odd numbers (9,7,5,3,1) for each colour ring on the target, giving a maximum score of 216.

Archery "Open Competition": - Using the same scoring method as above, but the participants will use their own archery equipment. Participants will be scored individually and no age groupings will apply.

have-a-go detail: - This is open to those who have signed up to the Main competition. Crossbows, bolts, target and instructors will be supplied. This will not count towards the main competition during the 2019 competition.


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