What the training will cover

  • Techniques for holding the rifle
  • Techniques for holding the pistol
  • Coaching in correct stances
  • Zero Point
  • Breathing
  • Trigger Control
  • Gun customisation and optimisation
  • Training in the use of a stand
  • Training in how to adjust the sights


What to expect at the training sessions

  • Arrive on time 1900
  • Sign in and pay £1
  • Help set up the range at the start of the evening
  • Be given tuition on the above points
  • Be given any updated information about the competion
  • Confirm the next shooting session
  • Generally a shooting game at the end of the session
  • Help pack up all the equipment and sweep the floor
  • Recieve last notices
  • Leave (hopefully) on time 2030



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