Useful Links

Useful information, links and downloads

NSRA - National Smallbore Rifle Association
Independent Sporter Website
GB Junior Shooting Website

Shooting in Scouting Information
Scout Association Shooting - POR 9.37
Scout Association Shooting - Fact Sheet 120004 (obsolete - but good for printing the Range diagrams)
Scout Association Shooting - Fact Sheet 120004 (Most up to date)

The UK Law
Home Office - Guide to Firearms Security
Home Office - Firearms Guidance for Police 2013
Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (changes to the law for airgun users)
Firearms Act 1968

Other Shooting Clubs Websites
Hampshire Scout Rifle Club Website
Surrey County Scout Rifle Club Website
Keynsham Scout Rifle Club Website
Patchway Shooting and Archery Club
Avon Scout InterCounty Training

Other Associated Websites
National Scout Shooting Competition
Range Design from Hampshire Rifle Club


To become a member of the club (to shoot .22 rimfire on one of our ranges, amongst other reasons) you will need to complete the Membership Form, Letter of Reference and the Declerarion Before Shooting forms that are detailed below. These can be handed to any of the commitee who will intern pass them on to the Membership Secretary

ASRC Parental Consent Form | Word Version | pdf Version |
ASRC Permission to take a Firearm onto land belonging to others | Word Version | pdf Version |
ASRC DCs Permission to bring firearms into their district| Word Version | pdf Version |
ASRC Decleration Before Shooting
ASRC Membership Form
ASRC Letter of Reference (pro-forma)
ASRC Generic Shooting Risk Assessment
ASRC Range Record
ASRC Guest Range Record